Upper Body Flow with Jolie Anastasia

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Have you mastered shuffling fundamentals, but your arms are stiff? Cant connect the dots between your footwork and arm movements? Unlock your Upper Body Flow with Jolie Anastasia!

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Jolie Anastasia


Jolie Anastasia has been dominating the dance floor at music festivals and night clubs all around the world. Immediately captivated from the moment she saw shuffling, she has been honing her craft ever since. She has embraced the two main styles of shuffle dance, The Melbourne Shuffle and Cutting Shapes, combining them together to create her own unique style. 

Shuffling comes with many health benefits, physically & mentally.  Jolie’s testimony can serve as an example as she has personally lost 60 pounds on her shuffle journey. This dance has also brought her loads of focus, mental clarity, and confidence. It has truly changed her life for the better and can’t wait to share her story & craft with you.

Jolie’s passion for shuffling has led her to create Shuffle Wisdom to bring shuffle dance instruction to the next level! Her philosophy is to empower people to express themselves freely through movement, spread positivity and encouragement throughout the shuffling community, and help people trigger a higher conscious “flow state” and fully step into their own style.

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