Shuffle Wisdom Masterclass Vol. I

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Learn different variations of the Running Man & T-Step, how to engage your upper body flow & 5 different Cutting Shapes moves each taught by an expert in this jam-packed hour long Masterclass! With beginner & advanced modifiers shown, this point-of-view has never been seen before in shuffle instruction!  💎 💎 💎

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If you're ready to find your shuffle groove then we've got you covered.

Why Choose Shuffle Wisdom?

Shuffle Wisdom is the premier platform for Shuffle instruction. We've brought together the most qualified instructors from across the United States to give you an exclusive window into their knowledge of Shuffling. Each Shuffle Wisdom Masterclass segment focuses on a particular aspect of movement, taught by only the best. 

This is a platform meant to teach the THEORY of shuffling. Never choreography. Shuffling originated as a FREESTYLE dance. We strive to teach each student how to truly discover your own unique movement and flow.  Be a creator, be an individual, be YOU 💎

Shuffle Wisdom Masterclass Vol. I is packed full of knowledge on how to find your own unique flow in shuffling, while also ensuring you have a proper grasp on the fundamentals. We have deconstructed this dance to make it more tangible for the average viewer/aspiring shuffler.

We can’t wait to share this knowledge with the world and not only inspire people to start dancing with us, but to do it for the love of the music.

We want to empower people to express themselves freely through movement, spread positivity and encouragement throughout the shuffling community. We are here to help you trigger a higher conscious "flow state" and fully step into your own style.