Kraffti Full Set

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Join Kraffti for an exclusive hour of groovy house music featuring 50 dancers from the Shuffle Wisdom family.



Driven by an independent spirit and an extraordinarily-funky approach to his creative process, though only 26, Las Vegas born-and-raised producer/DJ Kraffti has carefully paved his professional path to true happiness - with music. Through a careful process of introspection and a defiantly-unique sense of songwriting, Chase Daniels has begun to release the result of his compositional creativity to a highly-anticipated audience. 

With the help of worldly-renowned music production school Icon Collective, Kraffti refined his sound and began entering remix contests to showcase his newly-acquired musical arsenal. Before long he’d champion one, earning himself a mix and interview on none other than Insomniac Radio, itself. With international playback of his productions by pioneering producers such as Zed’s Dead and Alison Wonderland, high-profile artist support is merely a portion of what’s to come for this promising new face. 

With his latin-fused EDM signature sound parallel by his addictively-fresh creative composition, he’d soon announce the collection of a plethora of streams ranging in the tens of thousands across platforms everywhere. In the ever-changing realms of music and art, the world has quickly turned a curious ear to Las Vegas, Nevada to hear what Kraffti has to illustrate - have you?

KRAFFTI Interview