Dave Neven Full Set

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Join us on a journey to Trance heaven with euphoric tunes from Dave Neven! This exclusive one hour set features 50 dancers from the Shuffle Wisdom family.

dave neven


Hailing from the "Windy City", better known as Chicago, Los Angeles based trance and progressive artist Dave Neven is quickly catching the attention of many. With over 15 years of production experience, the talented artist has developed his own unique, signature style of trance music, combining dark techno elements, with  driving bass lines, and 'dark - uplifting' melodies. “Darklifting” has been coined as Dave Neven’s style all over the world.

Having 15 plus years of production experience under his belt, Dave is also known for his work under his two aliases, Ocata, and Sector7. His Ocata alias focuses on the deeper, slower tempo, progressive side, while Sector7 being more energetic, full on uplifting trance. Both aliases have seen many praise from the best in the industry.

Staying busy, Dave is also a host of the radio show Digital Noise Radio, which focuses on progressive, techno, and trance within the EDM umbrella. Aside from his constant producing and radio show, Dave also teaches electronic music production, both online and in person.

Dave Neven Interview