AR Projct Full Set

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Travel down a Techno rabbit hole with the booming sounds of AR Projct, accompanied by 50 dancers from the Shuffle Wisdom family.

AR Projct


Hi my name is Anthony, I stay in LA & I have lived here my whole life. My love for music runs so deep & it truly is an important part of my life. I listen to every & all kinds but during my youth the one genre that stood out to me the most was 80's music. It sparked my love for house & techno music as I loved the similarities between the two. A decade ago, the EDM scene exploded in the states & that’s when I decided that I wanted to become a DJ. I was surrounded by so many people who danced, shuffled, & shared similar interests. A decade later & Im still here, my love for music continues to grow & I'm here to show everybody what I got 🤙🏼

My name is Oscar, but you can call me Grouch. Born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. Being able to control frequencies and vibration at the same time has always been my passion. The connection from DJ to listeners has always given me an adrenaline rush. Every time I press play on the turn tables It feels like I get closer to every goal and dream I have ever thought of. My body is my instrument.

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