Techno Collective

Techno Collective
Community in Hollywood, Florida

Techno Collective is an inclusive platform for anyone who loves Techno. Our goal is to bring people together through the shared passion for this music, be it dancers, DJs, producers, or party people. 

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We have been hosting meet ups since summer 2020.

They typically take place at the ArtsPark in Hollywood, FL but we also host occasional special editions at techno events or new locations to expand the community and spread the vibes to anyone who wants to attend. We strive to have at least 1 meet up a month.
Our meet ups are open to anyone no matter the level of experience, and there will always be dancers willing to share their knowledge with those who are new to shuffling and are looking to learn.
Music is always techno 😎
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Techno Collective Group Photo
Techno Collective Group Photo