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Lena has been training various styles of dance since she was a 3 years old, including Tap, Jazz, and Hip Hop. She has been an avid raver ever since she attended her first Avicii show in 2012. Despite actively training dance for most of her life, she never fell in love with a style until she discovered Shuffling and Cutting Shapes in 2016.

Lena has been actively Shuffling and Shaping since August 2018. She began her journey with Cutting Shapes, but after attending Ultra Music Festival, she fell in love with the Melbourne Shuffle, and began dedicating most of her time to learn this style.

She feels her highest expression through Trance and Progressive House music but also loves Future House and Techno. Through collaborations, one on one lessons, choreography classes, and workshops Lena has a vast amount of wisdom to share with others who are willing to learn.

Teaching herself how to Shuffle has given her a unique creative outlet, confidence, amazing cardio endurance, and so many new and life-long friendships. She could not be more grateful to have found such an amazing community and hopes to help you find the same as you grow through your own shuffle journey!

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Lena hopes to help you find your flow and teach the styles that influenced her most throughout her shuffle journey. Some of her specialties include:

- Gliding

- Creating a smooth and effortless rock

- Developing a strong running man

- Creating choreography

Lena can offer multiple ways to drill and practice to ensure growth and success with shuffling. In addition to footwork, Lena has been dedicating herself to learn more about upper body control. She is also open to creating small choreographies for clients to practice and learn different combinations of moves.

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