Shuffle History

Shuffle Wisdom holds a deep respect for the culture and history of shuffle dancing. Dance as an artform suffers from the reality of being performance-based. If that moment is not captured, it is only recorded in the memories of those who were present. With shuffling being an underground urban dance and culture, there have been minimal efforts to academically preserve an easily accessible  written history.
By collaborating with shufflers from around the world, we were able to compile this detailed history of the different shuffle styles. This project is about providing the most comprehensive, informative, and unbiased history on the different styles to ensure that the culture can be preserved beyond the dance floor. No matter what the current wave of popularity dictates, each style has its own techniques, stories, and influences that must be respected and documented.
Our history section will include a chronological history, style influences, external resources, & FAQ for:
Melbourne Shuffle
Cutting Shapes
Malaysian / MAS
Influencer Shuffle
Thank you to our contributors who collectively are working on this history. Due to the size of this project, it is not yet ready for our launch. If you would like to contribute to our collection, please email


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