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Crew in Saint Petersburg, Florida

SPS.CO||ECTIVE (Saint Pete Shuffle Collective) was created by a small group of friends who wanted to have a safe space besides the club to be able to express themselves freely to electronic music. Since creation, Codie & Julian have emerged as the two masterminds behind the current iteration of what CO||ECTIVE is.

Not confined to a particular space, sound or clique, CO||ECTIVE has stayed true to being a safe haven for all types of expressive souls who choose to make the trek to the random locations around the beautiful city of Saint Petersburg, FL. We do not look for the skill one has, but rather the quality of their character and ask all our members and invitees to come with love in their hearts and to let the connection of music and the human experience guide them to be a better human on & off the dance floor. 

And of course, We love to support or family across the Tampa Bay @OGSHUFFLESQUAD as a lot of their supportive members have helped us get to where we currently are.

Pop up party masters:
Julian @mayancollective
Codie @protect.this house

We have been doing random pop-up events since May of 2019.

Events are usually scheduled every 2-3 weeks apart and they tend to not be in the same spot every time as there are many beautiful locations to dance where we are located. Meetups are always pop-up oriented & tend to have a flash mob effect in certain areas.
Meetup locations / times are always posted to our page a few days prior and sometimes even day off for the super secret meetups.
WE LOVE HOUSE MUSIC (and a lil bit of Techno), but to get more in depth we tend to play mainly Minimal / Deep House at our larger meetups. Of course we also love dancing to Techno when we meet up in smaller groups and feel like getting a little serious. We pride ourselves on our eclectic taste in music & video content.
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