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Crew in Tampa & Miami, Florida

OG Shuffle Squad is a group of shufflers/dancers/artists who’s expression of their own creativity are limitless. Home based on Tampa and Miami, we are very keen on having your own originality into your dance style as well as having a family-oriented aesthetic between our members.


Before Covid took a toll, we were having regular monthly meetups. One in Tampa area and one in Miami. We’ve also had the honor to host mash-up meets with other shuffle groups with Find Your Flow (FYF), Shuffle Circle (@theshufflecircle) etc etc. Since Covid, we’ve brought back our Tampa meet ups and working towards bringing back Miami.

Tampa - Julian B Lane Park on a Saturday evening! (We also would love to mention St.Pete Collective {@sps.collective} has regular meet ups around the St.Pete area)
Miami - Used to be at Haulover Park, we’re still looking for a good location to accommodate every little detail we have. FYF also has meet-ups as well around Miami/Broward area)
We play a diversity of tunes. We can go from pure House music to Tech-House and dive into Techno world as well. We love when others want to play their preference, as to keep everyone grooving and find out new sounds as well!
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OG Shuffle Squad Group Photo
OG Shuffle Squad Group Photo