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Mile High Shufflers was first established around June of 2019! Our first meetup consisted of 5 strangers and was put together collectively by a few ladies, @discodeedz (Didi), @emilyyyylynn (Emily), & @sammysteads (Sam). Our meetups of course started out small, but within less than a year we saw our group expand rapidly to over 50+ people. Throughout this time we’ve made it our mission to stay true to what this group means to us, and that’s community > competition.

We established this group as a way to give people a home away from home. To offer love and support that many of us seem to be lacking in our every day lives. Our goal entirely has been to create a safe and welcoming space, especially for those who perhaps haven’t quite found their place in this world yet. A place to rediscover themselves among liked minded individuals who are on the same path.

MHS is all about authentic love and unity, we are without a doubt a family here in Colorado.

& lastly! And for those who are looking to be more involved with our community outside of our monthly meetups, please reach out in regards to our discord channel to chat with those in our group ♥️

 We started hosting meetups in June of 2019! Since then we’ve been hosting monthly “official” meetups. So what this means is, we pick one day of the month that works best with our immediate group before releasing that info to the public. We do monthly meetups so that we can really focus our energy in curating the best possible environment for our active members and for those who are newer to the community!
Please follow our Instagram to stay in the know for our official meetups that are normally announced weeks prior!
Now music wiseeeee, this is something we're extremely passionate about at MHS. @fricky.boi (Alex Frick) is our dad when it comes to all things music. He’s a Colorado native with 3 years experience playing venues and clubs across the state. Frick's sound is heavily influenced by underground rave music ranging from House, Techno, to Breakbeats & Electro. The music we bring to our meetups are always a fresh rotation of new and underground cuts. Every month we collaborate with other local DJs that were curated specially in order to bring a different flavor to each meetup, and to continue to expand the horizons of Denvers true underground sound!
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