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Miguel Reyes also known as Migz is one of the most well known and respected OG shufflers in the SoCal underground shuffle scene, having 12+ years experience in both the Melbourne Shuffle and Malaysian (MAS) style. Born and raised in the tough streets of Compton, CA Migz found shuffling as a means to escape the tough street lifestyle of his peers. Migz has built a strong reputation in the community by constantly being active in the rave scene for over a decade and building and uniting the emerging SoCal shuffle scene.

Outside of his skills on the dancefloor, Migz is known for his infectious smile, positive attitude, and confidence. Migz was one of the main heads of one the most well known shuffle crews in the US, GasMaskHardstyle or better known as GODSMIGHTYHEROES, which was founded in 2009 and started up again in early 2016. 

Migz has gained notoriety in the shuffle community for the strength of his foundational core for both Melbourne Shuffling and Malaysian (MAS) style. Specializing in keeping the style simple with precision, control, and powerful T-Steps, kicks, spins, glides, and Running Man. Migz loves meeting new people in the shuffle community who are just as passionate about the dance as he was when he first started shuffling. If you ever cross paths with Migz on the dancefloor, he'd love to share a dance you soon won't forget!

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