Madtown Shuffle Meetup

Community in Madison, Wisconsin

 Madtown Shuffle Meet Up is a place where any body, any talent level, any back ground, can come and feel encouraged to express themselves. This is called a shuffle meet up to give electronic dancers their first home in Wisconsin, but this is very much an all style meet up with a lot of all style talent. The vibes say it all. This is a place of learning, teaching, connection, and self expression. The first two meetups happened in December 2020. Looking forward to keeping them going 2021.

Stark Weather Club 72N Bryan St
Madison, Wisconsin
Music has included but not exclusive to House, Tech-House, Melodic Techno, and Psytrance.
For now - follow @chels_moves on IG to stay up to date until we have a specified page
 LA Shuffle Squad Instagram Page
Madtown Shuffle Meetup Group Photo