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Kinetic - Flow and motion. Amity - Peace and Friendship

Established in January of 2019, we're almost 2 years old now! We are are very proud of how far we have come as a shuffle crew and team. We are a family of Shufflers and ravers who just want to spread our love and passion for this dance to the great state of Arizona. We are the biggest active shuffle crew here in the valley! We also have a large community called “Arizona Shufflers.” 

The Tempe Marina has been the OG spot for as long as I can remember around 2014-2015 maybe even a year or 2 before that. The spot itself has evolved and moved around a couple of times but is still located in the same vicinity of the Tempe marina. The meetup that Gribbz (Colin) helped start was on a Wednesday, from 7:30PM to 11PM, or until security kicked us out! Ha! We have meetups every week. We took a vote back then and people said every week so we’ve stayed true to that ever since! It’s a lot of work but so so worth it.
Colin and the team post on his IG page @_gribbz_ and @kineticamity every week to keep people updated.
We played anything from base house, trance, house, dubstep, techno, disco, deep house. You name it we’re probably played it. Anything revolving around the EDM culture.
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