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Kento Baby

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Kento Babyโ€™s shuffle dance journey began in May 2018 where he focused on specializing in Cutting Shapes. His undeniable growth mindset and genuine love for this dance have enabled him to grow into one of the most skilled Shapers in America in such a short period of time.

โ€œShuffle dancing has changed my life. It has improved my social, mental, physical, and intellectual wellness. The greatest gift I have received throughout my shuffle journey is friendship with dancers who share this common love.โ€

He is blessed to be surrounded by such beautiful people of similar passions, values, and tastes in music and is grateful to be living a dream. Through these personalized virtual private lessons he cannot wait to learn more about you and share the beauty of this art form.

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In our private lessons, you have the freedom to decide what you want to work on! We can cover:

-Polishing your fundamental cutting shapes moves

-Executing spicy combos and choreographies

-Drilling footwork and upper body exercises that will improve your body control

-Discovering your style, your flow

If you're a beginner, I am more than happy to guide you on your journey

Kento's Shuffle Journey