Shuffle Wisdom 101

Shuffle Wisdom is both a showcase and a masterclass. I wanted to create a platform for all different styles of shufflers to unite and share their love of this art form with each other. And create an online ‘dance school’ for shufflers from across the country to come teach a variety of masterclasses diving deeper into their movement.

Shuffling, to me, is and pretty much always has been a freestyle dance... as it’s evolved over the years, many people have adapted it into choreography, but when people really come to love shuffling, they stay on this quest to ‘find their flow’.After having the opportunity to teach my first ever shuffle class in a dance studio in March, right before the Covid shut down, I felt empowered to dive deeper into deconstructing this dance to properly train people how to find their true freestyle flow.

The purpose of Shuffle Wisdom is to #bridgethegap in 3 ways:

• Between professional dancers and shufflers
We want shufflers to get the recognition and respect we deserve. Plenty of artists and companies wanting to utilize our dance for content. We’d like to correctly set the standard for shufflers, not for level of influence, but from respect for the dance.

• Within the shuffle community
There’s been loads of division within the shuffle community for almost a decade. Back in March of 2011, when ‘Party Rock Anthem’ came out, the shuffle scene was exposed from the underground. Ever since then, there hasn’t been a clear platform for people to turn to find the roots of this dance. We’d like to take the dance back to its roots to define and clarify what shuffling actually is and give the credit where it’s due.

• Between people and dancers
We believe that everyone can dance. Social media has caused this HUGE wave of people *literally* stepping into this realm of dance. We LOVE to see it. We want to keep growing and inspire people to tap into their creative selves by further deconstructing shuffling to make it more tangible to tap into the true freestyle ‘flow state’ that shuffling stems from.

Shuffle Wisdom is the premier platform for Shuffle instruction. We've brought together the most qualified instructors from across the United States to give you an exclusive window into their knowledge of Shuffling. Each Shuffle Wisdom Masterclass segment focuses on a particular aspect of movement, taught by only the best. 

This is a platform meant to teach the THEORY of shuffling. Never choreography. Shuffling originated as a FREESTYLE dance. We strive to teach each student how to truly discover your own unique movement and flow.  Be a creator, be an individual, be YOU 💎

Shuffle Wisdom Masterclass Vol. I is packed full of knowledge on how to find your own unique flow in shuffling, while also ensuring you have a proper grasp on the fundamentals. We have deconstructed this dance to make it more tangible for the average viewer/aspiring shuffler.

We can’t wait to share this knowledge with the world and not only inspire people to start dancing with us, but to do it for the love of the music.

The Shuffle Wisdom Virtual Showcase is the most epic shuffle movie the world has ever seen!

Showing the power of the shuffle community, 50 shufflers of various styles from across the United States united in Los Angeles to share their dance magic. 

The Shuffle Wisdom Showcase is a themed production series by the shuffling community, for the shuffling community. Each showcase turns the focus of the camera onto the superstars of the dancefloor, highlighting the diverse talents and styles each dancer has to offer.

Everyone in attendance was tested for COVID-19 prior to production. Stay tuned for the next edition of the Showcase Series, coming in early 2021.

The future is SO bright for Shuffle Wisdom. 💎 Stay tuned for the next edition of the Showcase Series, coming in early 2021

Shuffling 101

Shuffling is all footwork & weight transitioning. Although you are able to add upper body flow to your shuffling, the most crucial aspect of shuffling is to stomp to every 4-on-the-floor beat while creating the illusion of gliding on the floor.Shuffling is one of the only types of dance that has been formed purely by electronic music. Checkout the History section of the Shuffle Wisdom website to learn more about the different styles of shuffling and the influences that led to its current state!

At Shuffle Wisdom, we hold a deep respect for the history and culture of all styles of shuffling. Checkout our History page to learn more about the evolution of these dances, its influences, and the history of where shuffling began!

Checkout our Shuffle Meetups page to get connected to shuffle meetups and crews from around the world!

Whatever moves your soul!

Shuffle Wisdom Videos

Rules regarding protected content

No, all Shuffle Wisdom videos are DRM protected and can be streamed through your account on our site. 

Private Lessons

Shuffle Wisdom Instructors are some of the most elite and experienced shuffle dance instructors in the United States. To be a Shuffle Wisdom Instructor one must not only be a proficient dancer, but also be able to effectively articulate movement to their students. 

You can trust that all Shuffle Wisdom Instructors have been carefully vetted by our team. Additionally, we only offer lessons from Instructors who have also taught a Shuffle Wisdom Masterclass, further highlighting our belief in their abilities.  

With our social media driven world, follower count does not equate dancing or teaching ability. There are many instructors out there who do not have a strong grasp on the fundamentals of shuffling that will give you a strong foundation to be able to find your own unique flow. 

Yes. After your private lesson, you will be provided with a recording from your instructor so that you can rewatch all of the information you learned!


practice. practice. practice.

The old saying, "dance like nobody's watching" holds a lot of truth,  but try to connect with your sound so much it becomes a part of you. Your body is your instrument to articulate all of the passion the music invokes. Dance is based on musicality. The little sounds in music that give you goosebumps,  Accentuate your movement from those little noises. It just makes you feel more connected to the music. Also— Dance is a journey:) You probably aren't going to hop into the middle of a shuffle circle after your first running man practice! Practice at home in front of a mirror and ask dancers you respect for advice on finding quality instructors/tutorials. As you become more comfortable expressing yourself through movement, the nerves start to melt away.

Release. Shuffling is my therapy. When I'm dancing, my mind clears as I enter my flow state. I become so in tune with every beat that all my stressors and anxiety are put on pause. It’s also just such a gift to be able to become one with the music I love and honor so much.