Shuffle Wisdom's purpose is to #bridgethegap in 3 ways:

• Between professional dancers and shufflers
We want shufflers to get the recognition and respect we deserve. Plenty of artists and companies wanting to utilize our dance for content. We’d like to correctly set the standard for shufflers, not for level of influence, but from respect for the dance.

• Within the shuffle community
There’s been loads of division within the shuffle community for almost a decade. Back in March of 2011, when ‘Party Rock Anthem’ came out, the shuffle scene was exposed from the underground. Ever since then, there hasn’t been a clear platform for people to turn to find the roots of this dance. We’d like to take the dance back to its roots to define and clarify what shuffling actually is and give the credit where it’s due.

• Between people and dancers
We believe that everyone can dance. Social media has caused this HUGE wave of people *literally* stepping into this realm of dance. We LOVE to see it. We want to keep growing and inspire people to tap into their creative selves by further deconstructing shuffling to make it more tangible to tap into the true freestyle ‘flow state’ that shuffling stems from.