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Community in Boston, Massachusetts
We are a community of unique individuals that come together from all over New England to shuffle, express ourselves, and inspire each other. We are built on positivity, inclusivity, and high vibe energy.
 We love to not only support each other, but spread the love throughout the whole community, as we often have local DJ’s come out to our meetups to spin, and/or go out to support our local DJ’s at shows in the Boston area.
The Boston shuffle community understands the value of movement therapy. This is why we work together to create a safe container for all styles to flourish. At Boston BPM it is all about healing, connection and expression.
We are here to bring more life to the Boston EDM community and contribute in the best way we know how…. expression through dance. Come escape reality with us!
We host shuffle workshops and meetups that provide opportunities for people to learn the basics, hone their shuffle dance skills, and connect with others throughout our electrifying community. We have been hosting meetups since January 2019. Before quarantine we would meet approximately twice a week and now we are doing once a month with popup meetups here and there.
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 We play Tech-House, Deep House, Techno, and Trance
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