A'dam Ravers

Amsterdam Ravers
Community in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
The story begins in early 2018, where a group of six shufflers that met up in the north of the Netherlands, where they began sharing their love and passion for the same dance style and music taste. After the first meetup Sophie did not want the day to end and from that day forth she wanted to keep doing this for the rest of her life. Since then she has dedicated thousands of hours to building this family of dancers. 
Little did she know that in two years from that day, she would be dancing alongside 40 other shufflers in cities all over the Netherlands. Many people didn’t see it as a legitimate dance style and yet she was determined to build a huge community of shufflers which now spans all across the Netherlands. Looking back, this blows her mind.
Nowadays A’DAM RAVERS collaborates with different kinds of house DJ’s and creates choreo’s on their new tracks. This group of dancers loves to create and connect with other talented and creative minded people. 

In the future A’DAM RAVERS will have their own dance studio and teach this energizing, groovy and amazing dance style to their students all over the country. 


The meetups are organized on a monthly basis and take place in different cities across the Netherlands. Amsterdam, Utrecht, Rotterdam and Den Bosch are the most common cities. When we travel to these cities, we have a handful of spots where we go shuffling, but we are always open to discover more hidden gems of these cities. But since the group is quite large we like to make an effort to visit new cities across the country. 

We like to play house and techno music at our meetups. We have a shared playlist on Spotify so everyone can add their favorite tracks. This works perfectly for us because the new discovered music can immediately be shared into this playlist, so we all can listen to it.

Since summer 2020 Sophie discovered via Instagram some Melbourne shufflers in the Netherlands. This group is called Dutch Shuffle Nation. She invited them to the A’DAM RAVERS meetups and since then they often meetup together. It’s amazing to see how the different styles blend in with each other. 

A’DAM RAVERS is highly active on their Instagram. We like to share some tracks in our story, post some duo (choreos) dances and small aftermovies of our meetups! 

We’d like to build up our Facebook and YouTube even more to share the upcoming events and spread some news about our dancers. 

We are also always in for collabs. Give us a follow, send us a DM and hopefully we can meet up very soon!

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Amsterdam Ravers Group Photo
Amsterdam Ravers Group Photo